Meet the new team

  • catlan 

In case you have been wondering who is behind Kaleidoscope, read on! My name is Christopher Atlan, and I founded Letter Opener GmbH back in 2006. Since then, I’ve been the lead developer behind Letter Opener as well as chief customer support counsel. This is what it says on the About page of the Letter Opener site. Thought process Until recently, Letter Opener has been my main and only product. It is a great product, one that allowed me to make a living for 14 years, explore new platforms, new technologies and continuously learn about how to craft and shape a great product. It continues to be dear to my heart. Working alone on a single product for such a long time has its downsides. So, some time ago, I started looking for a new challenge. But frankly, I couldn’t… Read More »Meet the new team