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Edit comparisons on the fly in Kaleidoscope 4

  • Florian 
  • 5 min read

Quite a few users over the years have told us they need to be able to add new text into comparisons. Kaleidoscope 4 adds that ability by allowing you to convert any comparison into a merge that can be edited.

Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Kaleidoscope

  • Florian 
  • 4 min read

When selecting keyboard shortcuts for menu commands, we generally try to follow best practices. Still, our choices won’t please all users. Every so often, we receive feedback asking us to change a shortcut or to provide the ability to customize shortcuts. Luckily there’s a solution in plain sight.

Kaleidoscope artwork for your Desktop

  • Florian 
  • 2 min read

As mentioned on Twitter, while working with us on some things for a new version of Kaleidoscope, Peter created this beautiful artwork. Immediately, I wanted to use it as a desktop picture (wallpaper) for all of my devices. To this day it’s in constant use on both my iPad and my MacBook Pro.