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The Open in Kaleidoscope Service

  • Florian 

The Services menu, originally part of NeXTSTEP, was introduced to the Mac with the advent of OS X in 2001. Services never received a lot of love or major updates. Luckily, they continue to work to this day and can be remarkably helpful. We’ll show you how you can benefit from Services, in particular the services that Kaleidoscope provides.

Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Kaleidoscope

  • Florian 

When selecting keyboard shortcuts for menu commands, we generally try to follow best practices. Still, our choices won’t please all users. Every so often, we receive feedback asking us to change a shortcut or to provide the ability to customize shortcuts. Some apps for power users provide full customization options for keyboard shortcuts, but for Kaleidoscope we haven’t found this worth the effort so far.

If you want to customize a particular shortcut, there is a solution in plain sight: System Preferences (System Settings on macOS Ventura) provides the ability to set custom keyboard shortcuts for apps. Let’s explore this using a practical example.

Not Just for Code Reviews: Using File Comparison in Legal Workflows

In the world of software development, file comparison is ubiquitous, as developers need to do line comparisons of code and text every day. But document comparison isn’t limited to the tech world; plenty of other jobs have workflows that require comparing changes across files of all kinds. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a job where file comparison software has no use, especially when you consider how versatile it is.

Before home computers and software programs streamlined this process, comparison consisted of printing out two versions of a document and reviewing them line by line to determine where things were added, changed, or deleted. But the main problem with manual comparison is that it’s both time consuming and prone to human error. 

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