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  • Florian 
  • 2 min read

Kaleidoscope artwork for your Desktop

As mentioned on Twitter, while working with us on some things for a new version of Kaleidoscope, Peter (Instagram, Web) created this beautiful artwork. Immediately, I wanted to use it as a desktop picture (wallpaper) for all of my devices. To this day it’s in constant use on both my iPad and my MacBook Pro.

macOS Desktop Picture

As the Mac supports “Light and Dark Desktop” pictures, here’s a Mac sized variant, with both appearances within one file. You may take this as an announcement for the release of Kaleidoscope coming in a few days 🙂

Use this article of the macOS User Guide on how get it installed.

iOS / iPadOS Wallpaper

For iOS, you need separate files to use as a wallpaper. We haven’t seen any successful hacks to deliver both appearances in one file. Let us know if those exist and we’ll be happy to deliver an updated file.

Light Appearance

Click on either image to open it in full size.

Here’s the help for installing it on iOS.