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  • Florian 
  • 2 min read

Switching to Subscription Pricing for Kaleidoscope 4

This is a big change, and we won’t tiptoe around it.

Very soon, we will be announcing Kaleidoscope 4 with many exciting new features. But before we share details about the new version, we want to outline our subscription pricing and upgrade options for existing customers.

The new subscription price will be $14/month when billed monthly, or $8/month when billed yearly. All existing customers will get the first year for half the price. If you purchased just recently (January 1, 2023 and later) you will get the first year free of charge.

Until Kaleidoscope 4 comes out, Kaleidoscope 3 is still available as a one-time purchase. Starting today, the price will be reduced to $99. Kaleidoscope 3 licenses will continue to be valid, as we promised.

When we acquired Kaleidoscope, we were a team of two. With some contracting help, we launched a major new version, Kaleidoscope 3. This marked the beginning of a new period of active development for a tool that many software developers (including ourselves!) rely on. 

The response from customers has been great. We listen to what our users need, and have since released many free feature updates that make Kaleidoscope even more valuable. We grew the company in order to work on features requests that require more engineering resources. And we have a roadmap that will make Kaleidoscope even more powerful.

Transitioning from paid upgrades to subscription will allow us to follow through on this roadmap. Making this change provides a stable foundation for the company and for Kaleidoscope. 

We hope you will join us on our journey into the colorful future of Kaleidoscope 4!