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  • Jean 
  • 3 min read

Using Kaleidoscope with ChatGPT results

Our friend Ariel Michaeli at App Figures recently did a live YouTube presentation about how to use ChatGPT to improve App Store optimization. Ariel is very clear about the limitations of the AI tool for writing your marketing copy: it’s a great way to get started and to get ideas, but you still have to review and revise the results that you get.

Of course, when it comes to reviewing and revising, Kaleidoscope is the perfect tool for the job. When we look at some of the copy that ChatGPT provided, the need for an easy way to compare the original and generated versions is obvious.

We’ve taken a couple of Ariel’s examples and used Kaleidoscope to take it to the next step: review the generated text to identify the changes we want to keep.

In the first example, Ariel used ChatGPT to increase keyword density in an App Store description. He asked the AI to add 8 more instances of the keyword phrase “free dating” to Bumble’s app description. We’ve taken the original description and the results from ChatGPT and compared them in Kaleidoscope. It is pretty clear that the results are not ideal. It reads more like the work of a keyword-stuffing spambot. But there are a couple of instances where we would keep the changes, specifically the first and second instance of “free dating” being added. 

(Don’t forget, there are several ways to get your text into Kaleidoscope. For this example, we selected our original text, clicked the Share Button, and selected Kaleidoscope, then repeated the process after selecting the generated text. You can also control-click (right click) on the selected text to bring up the Services menu and select Compare Text in Kaleidoscope.)

In the second example, Ariel showed how you could add new content to an app description, using new keyword phrases that you might have discovered using ChatGPT for keyword research, which he covered in the early part of his presentation. He asked the AI to add new phrases “salad wars” and “pillow fight” to the app description. Again, the results do not sound natural and need some editing. Kaleidoscope helps you find the changes easily and merge them into the original.

The arrival of ChatGPT has opened a lot of interesting avenues for using artificial intelligence to assist in the composition of all manner of text. In its current state, it generates results that can help us with our projects, but these results need to be reviewed closely. Kaleidoscope helps you spot the differences quickly and makes it easy to polish the AI’s work.