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  • Florian 
  • 2 min read

Kaleidoscope team announces a new company name

We (Christopher and Florian) are delighted to share with you the news that we have formed a new company, Leitmotif GmbH. Kaleidoscope and Versions will become a part of it.

We always planned the work on Kaleidoscope as a partnership between the two of us, but to keep things simple in the beginning, we used Christopher’s existing company, Letter Opener GmbH.

This change reflects our strong and continuing commitment to Kaleidoscope and Versions. For our customers, almost nothing has changed. Our terms of service and privacy policy have been modified to reflect the new company, and you might notice Leitmotif GmbH on our website.

And there’s even more good news! Our team is growing. Our old friend and software dev colleague Michael Ehrmann is joining us as of today. (Spot him in a photo in our Hello World blog post from last year. 😉) There is so much we have planned, and Michael will help us put those plans into action.

Recent Updates

We are releasing updates to both Kaleidoscope and Versions to reflect the new company name. Kaleidoscope 3.4.4 also fixes some bugs related to the recently introduced print/export feature and misbehaviors when merging changes. Versions 2.4 now offers a history of previous commit messages for easy reuse.