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Integrating Alfred and Kaleidoscope

As a long-time Mac user, I’ve seen lots of productivity tools come and go, and I’ve used a fair amount of them through the years. Who still remembers Quicksilver (β)? It was pretty awesome at the time… Other notable mentions for me personally are Butler by my dear pal Peter Maurer and LaunchBar. There are also still new kids on the block, like RayCast.

However, the one I keep coming back to and that is running 24/7 on my Mac is Alfred. I particularly like its combination of easy discoverability of the more mainstream features and the sheer power it hides by default, but offers when you need it.

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Not Just for Code Reviews: Using File Comparison in Legal Workflows

In the world of software development, file comparison is ubiquitous, as developers need to do line comparisons of code and text every day. But document comparison isn’t limited to the tech world; plenty of other jobs have workflows that require comparing changes across files of all kinds. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a job where file comparison software has no use, especially when you consider how versatile it is.

Before home computers and software programs streamlined this process, comparison consisted of printing out two versions of a document and reviewing them line by line to determine where things were added, changed, or deleted. But the main problem with manual comparison is that it’s both time consuming and prone to human error. 

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Kaleidoscope 2.4.1

In addition to smaller fixes, there are two changes particularly worth noting in our latest release, Kaleidoscope 2.4.1: New tricks in kspo In case you missed how Kaleidoscope and its new Xcode lldb integration can help improve your debugging workflow, read our previous article Xcode Debugger Integration. In some follow-up support cases to the last release, we came to realize that we could do better and make sending images to Kaleidoscope easier. As it turned out, some AppKit/UIKit classes are notoriously hard to convert into the right destination format. Under the hood, the runtime sometimes uses optimized structures. In Kaleidoscope… Read More »Kaleidoscope 2.4.1

Xcode Debugger Integration

  • Florian 

It was October 2018 when Christopher had the idea to integrate Kaleidoscope with lldb, the Xcode Debugger. Back then, he tweeted a gist that showed how to get this to work for his needs.

Many moons later, in February 2021, that feature is finally available to every Kaleidoscope user, configurable with the click of a single button.

Meet the new team

  • catlan 

In case you have been wondering who is behind Kaleidoscope, read on!